Job Category: Operations Retail
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Johannesburg










To achieve sustainable sales and profits by leading the restaurant team and oversee the management of all KFC systems and processes through:

  • Effective leadership behaviors to create a winning culture.
  • The delivery of the KFC (Brand), people and customer promise.





  • Ensure that the restaurant is effectively, and optimally staffed by utilizing the KFC Bench Planning process and leveraging people promise prove points.
  • Upload new Team Members onto Learning Zone, ensure continue registration & assign courses.
  • Manage and oversee all new employees’ development through their Induction and in store Training Continuum. Against training plan/schedule.
  • Maintain up to date employee files and training records for all employees.
  • Conduct and complete strong Performance Appraisals and IDP’s with all managers and employees in line with the company guidelines and timescales, in order to drive a high-performance culture in store.
  • Develop all team members and managers pro-actively to ensure that a strong ‘talent pipeline’ is in place.
  • Plan and facilitate regular Management and Team meetings in line with KFC requirements SA’s RGM Success Routines.
  • Plan and facilitate quarterly customer mania workshops for the restaurant.
  • Manage all Employee Relations issues, updating Area Coach and HR department and conduct disciplinary enquiries as and when needed.
  • Track team absence, acting in line with KFC’s Code of Conduct where appropriate. Manage team leave in line with the needs of your business.
  • Adhere to all legal and company Health, Safety and Food Hygiene regulations and take corrective action where necessary.
  • Ensure that all employees are fully trained on fire procedures, Health & Safety, Food Hygiene and Security/Robbery procedures.
  • Ensure that Company Security Procedures are followed rigorously to ensure the security of people, premises, stock, equipment, and monies at all times.




  • Create a customer focused environment which is appealing to KFC’s diverse customer base.
  • Complete period ROCC evaluation and implement actions to ensure resolution of issues and to drive consistent improvement. Rigorously follow up on ROCC Action Plans, completing actions in a timely manner.
  • Manage all customer complaints in line with company policy, escalating issues to Area Coach, where appropriate.
  • Fully comply and adhere to RGM Success Routines.
  • Review GES reports regularly.  Develop and communicate a period GES plan, utilizing relevant company tools (MOT observation checklists etc.) to ensure the restaurant is consistently achieving the company standard.
  • Robustly follow up on any issues arising from Health Department audits, plan to ensure corrective action is taken in a timely manner as required.
  • Ensure that the store consistently provides an excellent customer service by making use of the company tools and reports (e.g., prep for peak, condiment planner etc.).
  • Audit processes, disciplines, and success routines around driving customer excellence to ensure compliance.




  • Consistently seek to maximize the sales in the restaurant through exceptional operational standards and a ‘maniacal’ approach to customer service. Set and communicate Bold Sales Goals to the team, striving to consistently exceed sales targets.
  • In conjunction with Area Coach, discuss and execute local marketing activities to optimize potential sales growth.
  • Understand your local competition and increase visibility within the local community to ensure awareness of any common issues, competitor activity or forthcoming events that may impact your business.
  • Build Know How of surrounding KFC restaurants, sharing best practice across area and region.
  • Develop a strong sales culture in your store, setting team members and managers clear sales targets for every shift.
  • Develop and Manage SMART team member incentives and drive regular recognition in store with regards to sales drive initiatives
  • Set bold goals with regards to SWS measures and ensure the whole team understand the impact fast service has on your restaurants sales.
  • Regularly audit the execution of your sales drive initiative/SMART plan.
  • Ensure that points of sale are up to date and that the team are trained on all new products enabling them to drive sales.




  • Maximize the profitability of the restaurant by understanding and controlling all restaurant costs (e.g., labour, food).  Monitor daily, weekly, and periodically to ensure alignment to BSC targets.
  • Develop a strategy to maximize profitability of your restaurant, regularly reviewing and adapting in line with business needs.  Regularly auditing and approving ARM forecast in line with sales and labour to reflect trends and promotions.
  • Coach and guide the ARM to complete team and management schedules in advance one month in on ESP submit to Area Coach.
  • Prepare and plan for periodical Balance Score Card and P&L review with Area Coach.
  • Prepare and plan for weekly 1:1 with Area Coach, consider and analyze all relevant information in advance.
  • Utilize system reports and company tools to guarantee 100% product availability, investigating and following up on all discrepancies.
  • Complete a robust financial audit periodically and communicate results to Area Coach along with Action Plan to drive improvement, where appropriate. Rigorously follow up on official financial audit action plan completed by YUM.
  • Review and analyze daily, weekly, and monthly paperwork regularly with particular focus on manager’s diary, shift success routines book and food safety management system. All Management folders to be maintained in line with success routines.




  • Previous experience of managing a diverse workforce.
  • Commercial Awareness.
  • Understanding of P&L.
  • Demonstrates strong Sales Focus.
  • Effective Coaching.
    Basic HR/IR knowledge (disciplinary/grievance process)
  • Customer Mania.
  • Strong Communication skills, at all levels.
  • Presentation Skills.
  • A track record of developing people.


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